Wondering if Solar Is Right for your business?

Solar system for Business is an effective and reliable method for reducing your electricity bills by generating energy for your load demand from your own solar power plants. Commercial solar systems improve the carbon foot print in your business and will help in achieving a clean energy consumption by avoiding pollution

Benefits of solar for business

Solar Power for Commercial purposes has been the major motto of many companies due to the various benefits

  • Good Return on Investment due to the government rebates and reduced prices on solar systems.
  • Short payback period time with increased savings in the coming years.
  • Reduce operating costs
  • Lock-in energy costs for years to come
  • Ability to increase the energy efficiency rating of your building.

ROI / payback

Solar PV systems are becoming increasingly affordable, and in many cases offer an attractive internal rate of return (IRR). Comparing the IRR to other potential investments (e.g. leaving the money in the bank, or investing elsewhere) will help your business compare the solar investment to others and make an informed business decision.

To optimise the return on your solar installation, you should determine the total lifetime cost of a solar installation and total energy generated, and then compare this to what you would spend with your current electricity provider during that same period. Average pay back period for Commercial solar system in WA is approximately 3 years.

How to get Solar System installed for your business ?


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